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Santander 123 Cashback Credit Card

The Santander 123 Cashback Credit Card is promoted by Santander, provided by MasterCard and has a representative APR of 22.8%. Compare all Santander Credit Cards or apply for the Santander 123 Cashback Credit Card now.

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Card Details

Card Issuer InfoCard Issuer Santander
Card Network InfoMerchant Network MasterCard
Card Limit N/A

Acceptance Criteria

Min Age 18 Years
Min Income 7500
Credit Rating Prime

Introductory Balance Transfer Details

Intro Balance Transfer Rate N/A
Duration of Intro Balance Transfer Rate N/A
Balance Transfer Limit Subject to Status
Intro Balance Transfer Fee There is no fee
Intro Min Balance Transfer Fee There is no fee
Intro Max Balance Transfer Fee There is no fee
Intro Balance Transfer Window Days na
Intro Balance Transfer Window Weeks na
Intro Balance Transfer Window Months na

Introductory Purchase Rate Details

Intro Purchase Rate N/A
Duration of Intro Purchase Rate N/A

Standard Rates

APR Representative (Variable) 22.8%
Purchase Rate 19.0%
Balance Transfer Rate 19.0%
Cash Advance Rate 29.9%


Cash-Back Reward The standard cashback reward is 2.00% for purchases in stores. Customers will receive up to 3% on purchases.1% at supermarkets2% at shops3% on National Rail and Transport for London tickets, also petrol spend (maximum £300 per month).
Air Miles no
Shopping Reward Program no
Points Scheme no
Other Incentives N/A
Charity Affiliation This is not a Charity Affiliation account.

Cashback Scheme Details

Introductory bonus on Cash-Back There is no introductory cashback incentive.
Max Spend that earns Cash-Back There is no maximum annual cashback spend on purchases in shops and supermarkets, there is restriction on the maximum monthly spend at petrol stations, train tickets, and transport for London tickets (maximum £300 per month).

Fees and Terms

Interest Free Period 56
Min Payment N/A
Min Payment £5
Annual Fee £24.00 annual fee is payable. Customers will be eligible for a refund of the first year fee subject to opening a Santander 123 Current Account at the same time as opening up the 123 Credit Card, terms and conditions apply.
Balance Transfer Fee 5%
Min Balance Transfer Fee £5
Max Balance Transfer Fee No Limit
Cash Advance Charge 3.00
International Charges 2.95
Order of Repayments N/A
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