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The Best Payment Methods for a Skiing Holiday

Prepaid currency cards could be the perfect payment method for those planning a skiing holiday in the New Year. The prepaid cards have many advantages to make payment on the slopes easy, secure and cost-effective.

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3 January 2010

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Prepaid cards are often cheaper to use abroad than traditional debit or credit cards

One advantage is that prepaid cards must be preloaded in advance. This means that card holders can only spend they money they have so there is no chance they will return home having spent more than they intended to.

The cards also save skiers money on currency exchange as the rates on many of these cards is often much better than rates at high street bureau de changes. The FairFX currency card, for example, can save travellers between 5% and 10% on the cost of foreign currency. Rates are generally considerably better than those offered last minute at the airport. These can seem like good value because rates at the airport are advertised as commission free, but often the money saved is outweighed by the poor exchange rates offered.

Another advantage to prepaid cards which could prove particularly valuable to those spending a week or two on the slopes is that they are much more secure than carrying a wad of cash around that could easily fall out of a pocket during an elaborate skiing manoeuvre or even just at the pub after a long day of winter sports. The cards have chip and pin technology, making them even more secure.

Using a card such as the Caxton FX prepaid currency card means there are no fees, commission or extra charges on transactions used while abroad. This means that a delicious meal after a long day on the slopes costing 100 euros actually costs 100 euros with no hidden charges.

The cards can be loaded using a UK debit card online, over the phone or via text.

Exchange rates change all the time so it may be worth considering in advance of a trip abroad when to buy currency using a prepaid card, because rates can be locked into in advance.

The cards are often cheaper to use abroad than traditional debit or credit cards, as most of these make charges for spending abroad. Prepaid currency cards can be used in all the places traditional debit or credit cards are accepted. The Caxton FX currency card, for example, is a MasterCard so it can be used anywhere that accepts this type of payment method.

Travellers who would prefer to use traditional payment types may want to consider applying for a debit or credit card with no charge for use abroad. The Zero credit card from Santander, for example, does not charge for foreign exchange transactions. It also does not charge for cash withdrawals. The typical variable rate on the card is 18.9% APR. Holders of the Santander Zero credit card could be entitled to 0% on all purchases made within three months of the date the account is opened. This could be perfect for those planning to book a skiing holiday. Another advantage of this card is there is 0% for 12 months on balance transfers from the account opening date, with a 3% balance transfer fee and a minimum of £5.

Best Buy Credit Cards

Credit Cards Balance Transfers Purchases APR Representative (Variable)
Tesco ClubCard Purchases Credit Card Logo Tesco Bank Logo Tesco ClubCard Purchases Credit Card Apply
9 months
2.9% fee
18 months
Representative Example: The annual purchase rate is 16.9% p.a (variable) so if you spend £1200 your representative apr will be 16.9% p.a (variable)
Barclaycard Platinum With BT (27 Mths) Logo Barclaycard Logo Barclaycard Platinum With BT (27 Mths) Apply
28 months
3.5% fee
6 months
Representative Example: The annual purchase rate is 18.9% p.a (variable) so if you spend £1200 your representative apr will be 18.9% p.a (variable)
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